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Corporate Events and Team Building

Strengthen Relationships, Improve Communication, and Elevate Teamwork with a Bluewater Offsite Event

Bluewater Sailing provides active recreational sailing events designed to energize your team and move the dial on improved communications and teamwork. 

It’s always great to escape the hustle and bustle of work-a-day life for some quiet time with your important colleagues. But we understand well that offsites often have specific goals in mind beyond a day at the beach. Bluewater is expert at tailoring team events to attain your specific offsite goals while delivering a memorable experience your team will recall for years to come.  

Find out how Bluewater can create a program tailored to deliver your offsite goals.  Contact us today!

Bluewater Sailing offers an entire spectrum of yachts available for bareboat or crewed charters in the Southern California area: daysails, weekends or longer.

Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

Corporate Events and Team Building Details

Team Building – Sailing

Level: Beginner

Great For: Team Building

Sample Four Hour Itinerary: 
  11:15AM Arrive at Bluewater Sailing for paperwork and pre-voyage briefing
  11:45AM Board vessel, captain briefing, departure
  12:00 to 4:00 PM Sailing in Santa Monica Bay, captain and crew collaborate on building skills toward offsite goals
  4:00PM Return to dock and adjourn 

Our professional instructors will work with your staff, utilizing sail education to develop and reinforce teamwork skills. Task setting and goal accomplishment techniques will be cultivated as individuals prepare to take a boat off the dock and go sailing, often for the first time and usually with everyone starting from the same base of experience. Improved communications skills will be required to organize and direct fellow team members in this new environment that will certainly require some “out of the box” thinking. The crew will be able to develop and bond under new conditions that will challenge them to adopt new and successful techniques of operating with their coworkers.

Team Building – Racing

Level: Intermediate

Great For: Teamwork and Communication

Sample Four Hour Itinerary: 
  11:15AM Arrive at Bluewater Sailing for paperwork and pre-voyage briefing
  11:45AM Board vessel, captain briefing, departure
  12:00 to 4:00 PM Sailing in Santa Monica Bay, captain and crew collaborate on building skills toward offsite goals
  4:00PM Return to dock and adjourn 

These sessions are similar to the sailing session described above for each individual boat but are designed to be a bit more competitive between two or more boats. After some introductory training with boat handling, sailing and racing concepts, our experienced captains will assist your teams to develop strategies for success in a new type of competitive environment. Our most popular sessions generally fall into one of three types of matches; one department against another; one company against another or blending together teams of people who have never worked with each other. We often recommend that everyone on the team have the opportunity to serve at all positions on the boat such as skipper, strategist, helm’s person, main or jib sail trimmer, etc. These sessions are designed to be both instructive and fun.

Sailing provides a great opportunity to get away from the office and strengthen relationships while giving everyone a unique experience that they will remember for many years.

We are very much looking forward to sailing with you!

We are often asked for some guidelines regarding sailing etiquette. The following is a list of items that we have found to be particularly successful over the past 30 years or so of sailing.

Please Bring (if you wish)
— Protection against the SUN: Hat, Sunglasses, Sun Block, Lip Balm, Water
— Layered Clothing (temperatures may be high, medium or low, all in the same day)
if shorts, also bring long pants
if T-shirt, also bring long shirt, windbreaker, sweatshirt or sweater
— Plan to arrive at Bluewater approximately 15 – 20 minutes early in order to complete any final paperwork
— Food and Drink (white wine, water, soft drinks & beer are OK)

Please Avoid
— Black soled shoes or boots (scuff marks), open-toed shoes, hiking boots or high heels
** Flip flops or any type of slip on shoes (unsure footing) **
— Smoking cigarettes, cigars or chew tobacco at any time on board the vessel
— Glass bottles
— Red wine or dark beverages such as cranberry, blueberries and the like to prevent staining the deck
— Hard sided coolers, suitcases, etc. on board

Please note:
Most people are not susceptible to seasickness. However, if you are concerned about this, the following are the most common remedies:
— Let your Captain know early. He or she will be able to help if you ask early!
— Ask to drive the boat, sit up at the mast
— Definitely stay on deck in the fresh air
— Ginger products may help. Try: Tea, Ale, Snaps, Candied Root
— Medication: Dramamine, Bonine, Marezine & Trans-Scopolamine (prescription only)
— If you plan to medicate, implement only a 50% dose and at least one hour before boarding.)
— Acupressure Wrist Bands
— A good night’s sleep, lack of alcohol and staying active are the best preventions

Hope this information helps. We are looking forward to sailing with you!

Our location is: Bluewater Sailing
13505 Bali Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292.

Directions from I-405:
Take the 405 to the 90 West (Marina Del Rey Freeway)
90 West ends at Lincoln Blvd. Turn Left onto Lincoln.
The next light is Bali Way. Turn Right onto Bali.
Go straight, through the light at Admiralty Way.
Once you’ve crossed Admiralty Way, our office is in the first building on the right.

Free Parking at Bluewater Sailing:
Turn right at the “Catalina Yacht Anchorage” sign.
In the driveway, immediately turn right and proceed through the open turnstile.
Park in the reserved area between our building and the road.
The office entrance faces the water.
You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Bluewater Sailing sign.

See and sail with you soon!

Team Building 1 – Sailing (4 hour session)$ASK
Team Building 2 – Racing (4 hour session)$ASK
Other Corporate or Client Events$ASK
Film, Television, and Photo Marine Shoots$ASK

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