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Extra Curricular

Bluewater student sailing off the coast of Southern California.

Improve Your Skills in Key Areas of Sailing Education

Practical Navigation

Learn How to Enter a Port at Night! We will set sail late in the afternoon, watch the sun set, and then sail back into the harbor at night!  An awesome day of sailing! You will learn practical navigation skills for night and limited visibility navigation.

Intro to Sail Racing

The ASA 105 Coastal Navigation course is a theoretical navigation course using Southern California charts, not East Coast training charts. You’ll be exploring real life local boating and navigation issues. We break down the navigation process into easily understood and practical steps.

Intro to Celestial Navigation

Our Celestial Navigation course teaches you the theory of navigating by the sun, moon and stars in a classroom environment, and the practical application of it in offshore conditions.

Intro to Marine Weather

The Intro to Marine Weather course is for all boating enthusiasts who are looking to take their understanding of marine weather and weather predictions to the next level. Learn to observe and forecast weather conditions using traditional maritime skills and modern technology. You’ll gain important knowledge of weather information for planning and adapting navigation during short duration and extended voyages.

Spinnaker Training

Our Spinnaker Training course is a great introduction for anyone who is interested in how to manage these beautiful downwind sails. A great course to take in tandem with our Intro to Sail Racing!

In Depth: Diesel Engine

The In Depth: Diesel Engine course picks up where the ASA 104 course leaves off and takes you to the next level in your understanding, troubleshooting, and maintaining of marine diesel engines

In Depth: Crew Overboard

The In Depth: Crew Overboard course is for all boaters, sailors and powerboaters, to both sharpen and broaden their ocean rescue skills.  Learn what the newest research recommends.  How to know how long you have to get back to the victim.  How to prepare your crew or be prepared yourself for overboard emergencies.  What’s the fastest way to get back to the victim