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ASA Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC)


Become an ASA Instructor

In a quote from Edmund he uses the term “ablest navigator” to describe the concept of being an experienced mariner.  And he suggests correctly that the most experienced mariner will have the knowledge to adeptly handle any conditions thrown at him, or her. And therefore, will be more likely to survive to sail another day should those conditions have been adverse.

How do we get experience, or knowledge? Instructors or mentors, at least initially, followed by a lot of “doing it.”

Traditionally, sailing has been a highly specialized skill set – or set of skills, rather – that has been passed down from one sailor to another for thousands of years. Only in the last hundred years have organizations been formed to provide teaching and testing standards for schools to bring sailing to the masses. 33 years ago, the American Sailing Association (ASA) was formed for this purpose, and throughout the decades it has been certifying new Instructors to teach new generations of sailors as part of its charter.

That’s where Bluewater Sailing comes in.

We conduct semi-yearly ASA Instructor Qualification Clinics (IQCs) on even years to help qualified sailors realize their dreams of passing on the experience and knowledge to other sailing enthusiasts.

If your goal is to become an ASA Certified Instructor before our next scheduled IQC, you can view the ASA’s list of IQC’s


You may enroll in an IQC if you have the ambition to be a true sailing professional and:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Possess ample sailing experience (at least 3 years)
  • Have teaching experience or can demonstrate an aptitude for clearly communicating sailing to the novice and advanced sailor
  • Are capable of performing to the Standards as stated in the ASA International Sailing Log Book

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA


Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

IQC Details

By qualifying to the ASA Instructor Standards you obtain internationally recognized credentials. These credentials document your experience and level of proficiency – from Basic Keelboat Sailing to Offshore Passage making – and assist you in commanding the respect you have earned.

  • Classroom skills
  • On the water skills
  • Demonstration skills
  • Teaching ability
  • Extensive marine knowledge base

IQC’s are typically a group event.  Contact us for more details on scheduling.

Private IQC’s are also available.  Contact us for more details.

ASA membership, certification and processing:$ASK