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ASA 118 - Docking Endorsement

Learn to Dock Safely!

One of the greatest challenges you will encounter after the Basic Coastal Cruising Course is undocking unfamiliar boats in unfamiliar situations. Comfortably operating larger boats in close quarters is the goal of this course. This one day session extends the BCC course by providing you with another full day focused on docking priorities.

After we train our crew, we will manipulate the boat in close quarters and practice docking and undocking repeatedly. This course takes the anxiety out of docking, and ultimately enjoy your day sails even more.

Prerequisites: ASA 103: Basic Coastal Cruising, or commensurate sailing experience

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA


Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

118 Details

Our Docking Endorsement course gives you the confidence you need to manage the vessel in and out of slips, and on and off of docks. Included in your tuition is:

  • 8+ Hours of on-the-water instruction
  • With an American Sailing Association certification (optional) you’ll receive their official log book, certification documents, monthly publication and more.
  • Getting on and off of a windward dock
  • Getting on and off of a leeward dock
  • Docking with the wind ahead and astern
  • Use of spring lines
  • Power handling near docks

We cap enrollment at four students per session to ensure that each person gets plenty of time to practice. This is an eight-hour course that is held from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on a Saturday or Sunday.

Private courses are also available.  Contact us for more details.

* ASA certification and processing are optional 
ASA certification and processing:($85)*