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Advanced Sail Trim

Trim Your Sails Like a Pro!

Want to know how to sail faster in low to moderate wind conditions? This popular five-hour session is for you! Focusing on sail trim, we’ll cover all aspects of sail shape and how it affects your boat speed. Camber, Chord, Draft, Twist, Halyard tension, Lead angle, Tell tales, Traveler trim…if all of this jargon is unfamiliar, it’s time to sign up!

This 4-6 person, course provides students with an opportunity to learn not only how to trim the sail, but how to shape it for maximum efficiency and safety. This course is conducted on medium 27′-36′ boats under the supervision of an instructor.

Prerequisites: ASA 103 – Basic Coastal Cruising

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA


Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

Advanced Sail Trim Details

Our Advanced Sail Trim course will demystify the trimming and shaping of your mainsail and headsail by helping you to understand how a sail really works. Included in your tuition is:

  • 4+ Hours of on-the-water instruction
  • Opportunity to sail a larger boat
  • Knowledge about sail trim and shape
  • Aerodymanics of an airfoil
  • What is the Boom Vang really for?
  • How does the Traveler work?
  • Moving the draft with Halyard tension
  • Increasing draft with Outhaul tension
  • Leech and Foot lines
  • Twisting and untwisting the leeches
  • Mast bend

Group classes typically take place from 0900hrs (9:00am) to 1300hrs (1:00pm), and are usually scheduled for a Sat or Sun.

Private courses are also available.  Contact us for more details.

* ASA certification and processing are optional 
ASA certification and processing:($85)*