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ASA 108 - Offshore Passagemaking

Learn to Sail Open Ocean Passages!

The ASA 108 Offshore Passagemaking course prepares you for trans-oceanic sailing. This is the finishing piece in the array of ASA Certification courses, and it covers information crucial to any sailor considering long-distance cruising.

– ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing
– ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising
– ASA104 Bareboat Charter
– ASA 105 Coastal Navigation
– ASA 106 Advance Coastal Cruising
– ASA 107 Celestial Navigation

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA


Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

108 Details

Our Offshore Passagemaking course will teach you the skills you need to sail across oceans and to handle adverse conditions that can occur in open-ocean sailing. Included in your tuition is:

  • 20+ Hours of classroom instruction.
  • 40+ Hours of on-the-water instruction
  • With an American Sailing Association certification (optional) you’ll receive their official log book, certification documents, monthly publication and more.
  • Passage Planning
  • Voyage Preparations
  • Shipboard Routines
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Navigation Rules


  • Act as skipper and crew on an offshore passage of no less than 72 hours and 100nm without touching land
  • Obtain a celestial fix using a sun-run-sun or three (3) celestial bodies
  • Obtain a celestial heading check
  • Apply all elements of Celestial Navigation – ASA 107

The nature of this course and the frequency with which we hold these classes usually dictate that they are not regularly calendared events, and are more assembled due to demand for the subject. If you are interested in this course, contact us for more details.

Private courses are also available.  Contact us for more details.

* Textbook, Gear, and ASA certification and processing are optional 
Recommended Textbook and Gear:($ASK)*
ASA certification and processing:($85)*