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Continuing Education

Bluewater students sailing in the Channel Islands National Park.

Next Steps in Your Sailing Journey

ASA 118 - Docking Endorsement

One of the greatest challenges you will encounter after the Basic Coastal Cruising Course is undocking unfamiliar boats in unfamiliar situations. Comfortably operating larger boats in close quarters is the goal of this course. This one day session extends the BCC course by providing you with another full day focused on docking priorities.

ASA 111 - Advanced Sail Trim

Want to know how to sail faster in low to moderate wind conditions? This popular five-hour session is for you! Focusing on sail trim, we’ll cover all aspects of sail shape and how it affects your boat speed. Camber, Chord, Draft, Twist, Halyard tension, Lead angle, Tell tales, Traveler trim…if all of this jargon is unfamiliar, it’s time to sign up!

ASA 106 - Advanced Coastal Cruising

Is your goal to be a safer sailor? Plan and safely sail an extended coastal voyage? This is an invitation only course, that will significantly improve your voyage planning, seamanship, emergency handling and crew training skills. It is geared for sailors who are serious about safety, have cruising experience and the desire to test their decision making further from shore.

ASA 114 - Cruising Catamaran

This one day course will introduce you to catamaran bareboat chartering. You’ll learn about catamaran sailing, catamaran-specific boat systems, anchoring with a bridle, docking and maneuvering with twin sail drives, and living aboard. You’ll learn what you need to know in order to plan a weekend or longer voyage with family and friends on a 40′ catamaran.

ASA 108 - Offshore Passagemaking

The ASA 108 Offshore Passagemaking course prepares you for trans-oceanic sailing. This is the finishing piece in the array of ASA Certification courses, and it covers information crucial to any sailor considering long-distance cruising.

Instructor Qualification Clinic

We conduct semi-yearly ASA Instructor Qualification Clinics (IQCs) on even years to help qualified sailors realize their dreams of passing on the experience and knowledge to other sailing enthusiasts. If your goal is to become an ASA Certified Instructor we can help.