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Discover Sailing

One of Bluewater's Catalina 22's in Marina Del Rey.

The easiest way to try out sailing before taking a course

Discover Sailing is the best first step if you’ve been thinking about learning to sail but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take a course. You’ll learn the basics of sailing fundamentals and even take the helm to harness the wind. Our professional captains and instructors will be there to answer all your questions. It’s a super fun time on the water!

Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

Sunny smiles aboard one of our 22' Catalina sailboats. Call us to schedule your session today!

What Our Students Are Saying

- Patty

“Can’t say enough great things about Bluewater Sailing. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. The passion for Sailing is infectious. We love it!”

- Matt
“A top notch operation! Everyone there takes their job seriously, is very knowledgeable and professionally trained and licensed. I found that they make safety a priority while at the same time making the experience of learning to sail accessible and enjoyable.”

Bluewater Popular Topics

Skippered Charters

Looking for a carefree day on the water? Book a Skippered Charter.

How do I choose a sailing school?

If you're comparing schools here's a good set of questions to ask.

How do I start learning to sail?

Learn the fundamentals of sailing in the Keelboat 1 (ASA 101) certification course.

What other courses do you offer?

Review the full Bluewater Sailing ASA course and seminar catalog here.

Is Discover Sailing right for me?

Are you interested in learning a bit about sailing? If you’ve been considering taking some sailing courses but wondered if you could quickly try out sailing first before committing to classes, Discover Sailing is for you.

You’ll see how it feels to be out on the water in a sailboat. And with our professional instructors on board you’ll get the answers to all your questions. This session is introductory. Most folks come back and want to know how soon they can get out on the water again!

Is there a difference between Discover Sailing and a Skippered Charter?
Yes. Though both options have you enjoying time on the water, Discover Sailing is an education-based experience while a Skippered Charter is recreation-based. Discover Sailing is focused on introducing you to the world of sailing and to help you assess if taking the Keelboat 1 (ASA 101) course is your next step. Alternatively, a Skippered Charter is a recreation-based experience where one of our professional captains will take care of all the details for a carefree day on the water. Which sounds awesome too! If you’re interested in booking an event or a Skippered Charter please Contact Us. Of course you can always do both!

Discover Sailing is perfect for:

  • People assessing whether to take sailing classes
  • First time sailors
  • All ages
  • Families, couples, singles
  • Celebratory events

Do I need any prior sailing or boating experience to sign up for Discover Sailing?
No. Discover Sailing is the perfect first step for first time sailors.

Is the Discover Sailing session a private class?
All our classes are scheduled as group classes, but we are happy to arrange a private Discover Sailing session for you. Please Contact Us for details of private class scheduling and pricing.

Can I give Discover Sailing as a gift?
Yes! Just give us a call and we’ll make all the arrangements. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or just for fun!

What does the Discover Sailing experience include?
• One easy session on the water aboard a 22′ sailboat
• A professional instructor on board to guide the training and captain the vessel
• Your participation in learning new skills
• An introduction to our program and instructional style

How much does Discover Sailing cost?
Monday thru Thursday tuition: $512.00
Friday thru Sunday tuition: $564.00
This all-in-one price includes the boat, instructor, state and local taxes and surcharges.
Special Discount: For a limited time, we are offering a buy-one-get-one opportunity upon registration. That means when you sign up for a Discover Sailing session today you can bring one other sailor along with you for free! Call us for details.

Can I bring someone along on my Discover Sailing session?
Yes. Invite your first mate and enjoy Discover Sailing together. No charge!

Do I need special sailing gear for Discover Sailing?
No. (Just a few things that you most likely already have – see below.)

What should I bring for a Discover Sailing session?
We recommend you bring the following things with you if possible:
– Protection against the SUN: Hat, Sunglasses, Sun Block, Lip Balm, Water
– Layered Clothing (temperatures may be high, medium or low, all in the same day) if shorts, also bring long pants, if t-shirt, also bring a long shirt, windbreaker, sweatshirt or sweater
– Soft-sided bag with zipper, backpack, etc. to carry belongings on board

What should I not bring on board?
– Black soled shoes or boots (creates scuff marks), open-toed shoes, hiking boots, high heels, flip flops or any type of slip-on shoes that could create unsure footing
– Cigarettes, cigars or chew tobacco at any time on board the vessel
– Glass bottles
– Dark beverages such as cranberry, blueberries and the like to prevent staining the deck
– Hard-sided coolers, suitcases, etc. on board

Where is the Discover Sailing session held?
All Discover Sailing sessions depart from our Bluewater Sailing office. We are located in the marina at: 13505 Bali Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. All our boats are right next to our office down the ramp to the slips. Marina del Rey is one of the world’s largest man-made marinas and offers lots of great sailing opportunities.

When should I arrive for my Discover Sailing session?
Please plan to arrive at the Bluewater Sailing office approximately 15 – 20 minutes early in order to complete any final paperwork.

Is there free parking at the marina?
Yes. Bluewater Sailing provides free parking.
1. Turn right at the “Catalina Yacht Anchorage” sign.
2. In the driveway, immediately turn right and proceed through the open turnstile. This is the upper lot and is reserved for our students. Please park in this reserved upper lot area between our building and the road.
The office entrance faces the water.
You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Bluewater Sailing sign.

We’re looking forward to sailing with you soon!

Your Next Steps After Discover Sailing

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Intro to Keelboat

A fun one weekend course that covers the fundamentals of sailing. No written exams - just fun sailing time!

Keelboat 1 (ASA 101)

Keelboat 1 - ASA 101 Certification

A two weekend certification course that begins your sailing journey. Upon completing the course you'll receive chartering privileges for our fleet of 22' Catalinas!