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ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat Sailing

Learn the Fundamentals of Sailing

Our Basic Keelboat course is all new this season. We have structured the full certification course into two weekends, allowing you to schedule the course conveniently. We’ve also expanded the curriculum to further support what we’ve always emphasized – more time with an instructor, more time on the water to practice individual skills, and encouraging sailing as often as possible. Our new training programs change how you will learn to sail. Ultimately, we are going back to how people always learned to sail, by sailing often. 

Prerequisites: None                Location: Marina Del Rey, CA

Basic Keelboat (BK): Fundamental Sailing and Sailboat Handling

Fundamentals of Sailing

People learn to sail by participating in the sport often. We deliver more hands-on experience, time to familiarize yourself with the terminology and physiology of sailing, and first-hand exposure to the challenge and joy of sailing than any other school. 

Prerequisite: No prior experience is required.

Weekend One Agenda: Two 5.5-hour sessions of on-the-boat training with one of our qualified instructors. 

Day One: Fundamental observation skills for sailors.

Day Two: Day sailing in Santa Monica Bay with more practice sailing the boat with your crew mates. 

Weekend Two Agenda: Two 5.5-hour sessions of on-the-boat training with one of our qualified instructors. 

Day Three: Boat checks, crew training, and skipper checks. Getting the boat ready and off the dock with competence. Practice sailing, communicating, and working with your team.

Day Four: Precision sailing and boat handling 

Length of course: 22 hours: Four 5.5-hour sessions.

Tuition: $2800.00 Discounts are available.

Schedule your BK Course

Your first step to getting certified! Pick two weekends that work for you. 

Private Lessons also available. We can schedule your Basic Keelboat course on dates that work for your schedule. See below for Private Lesson pricing and details.

Sign up for an EZCrew session! Students practice sailing with other students. Choose a date that works for you.

What's included in the Basic Keelboat course?

Immediately start chartering

Beyond the lessons, your Basic Keelboat Course includes:

  • ASA 101 Certification
  • One 3-hour directed practice charter
  • One EZCrew session
  • One year of chartering privileges

These items represent a $700.00 value!

After demonstrating safe sailing skills and passing the American Sailing 100-question theoretical test, you will become ASA 101 certified. Once certified, privileges to charter our large fleet of Catalina 22s are granted to start practicing sailing without instruction.

Take Charge of Your Sailing Experience


Sail as often as possible. People learn new things one way, by practicing! 

Your Certification Package includes an EZ Crew session.

First Mate Course - NEW!

Looking for a simpler way to start sailing?

Want to learn more about sailing in just one weekend? Are you brand new to sailing, or know someone who would enjoy sailing?

This course is for people who love the idea of sailing as crew, but do not plan to become a skipper (for now!).

A First Mate should be able to speak the language and understand how to be a safe team member. A first mate is a reliable participant who enjoys learning new things about sailing.

This short and affordable course starts the sailing journey in one, bite-size weekend. Once you take the class, you’ll enjoy sailing more thoroughly and more often by joining other student sailors any weekend—all included in the price of tuition.

This course includes: 

  • A total of 12 hours of sailing
  • Privileges to join EZCrew session sails
  • Access to other beginning courses and join as crew for other student charters

Tuition: $1198.00

More about the course.

The course is for people who love the idea of sailing, but do not plan on becoming a skipper. It is an opportunity to learn something new and start your sailing journey. Once you take the class, you’ll enjoy sailing more thoroughly and more often by joining other student sailors—all included in tuition.

The term “First Mate” implies second-in-command, but we teach the course so that you’ll have more fun outdoors. At this stage, the program is not about getting a completion sticker or a “certificate of achievement.” 

Our approach works for a variety of learning styles. We intend to introduce you to sailing by having you sail the boat.

Day One: Orient you to the boat, teach you to steer the boat, introduce you to how sailboats balance and feel.

Day Two: Engage your critical thinking skills; observe the boat’s sails, teach you to make good decisions, and let you act on your intuition by letting you sail the boat.

After the class: Practice what you’ve learned. You may participate in other community sails and enroll in fun EZCrew sails on other weekends.

Practice Makes Permanent

Take time to enjoy the sport. 

If you are the kind of person that loves being near the water, seeing the world from a new perspective, and learning something new, then the First Mate course is perfect for you.

So, answer the ocean’s call.

It might even change your life!


Join the crew! 

Supplement your Basic Keelboat program with community sailing time. Schedule as many opportunities to sail as possible early in the process.

EZCrew – our community of learners

Unique to Bluewater, these are opportunities to sail with other learners in our community. The skipper is a student with more experience. The crew members are other students in the BK sequence. Each is four hours and can be repeated as often as you like.

Crewing with students who are focused on the “art of sailing” propels the learning experience. These practice sessions are not instructor led, but opportunities to learn with other students. Everyone participating is a student and the conversation aboard is about sailing.

These sessions are always fun. We recommend taking advantage of several sessions.

Tuition: $100

Basic Keelboat Pricing & Details

Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.