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Reactivate! Session

Freshen up those rusty sailing skills and get out on the water again!

We know life gets busy and sometimes a little bit more time slips by than we’d like before we can get back to the marina. No worries! Take a Bluewater Reactivate Session and freshen up those rusty skills. 

Your instructor will review all the skills you learned in class, assess your progress, and get you prepared to charter again.

Prerequisites: Open to all students who have completed an ASA training course. 

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA


Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

Reactivate Details

Our Reactivate Session will freshen up those rusty sailing skills and get you back into your comfort zone and sailing again. Included in your tuition is:

  • 1 on-the-boat instruction session
  • Instructor directed practice time
  • ASA Instructor skills assessment
  • Depending upon the level of training you have completed, you will revisit the basics of that level and get reacquainted with your boat. Topics can include:

    • Boat set up and systems
    • Undocking and docking
    • Power handling
    • Sail management
    • Crew communication
    • Crew overboard prevention and recovery
    • Rules of the road
    • Aids to navigation
    • Safety at sea
    • Knot tying and more

Group Reactivate Sessions are held over a 4 hour session time with an instructor aboard and some directed practice time.

Private courses are also available.  Contact Us or give us a call at +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

* Textbook and ASA membership and processing are optional 
ASA membership and processing:($95)*