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ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat Sailing

COVID-19 UPDATE: We're pleased to announce that due to recent revisions in the Los Angeles County Reopening Safer orders, we are now scheduling group classes. Private classes will continue to be offered as well. If you are interested in either a group or private class please call us for the latest schedule. Thank you!

Learn the fundamentals of sailing.

Our Basic Keelboat course is all new this season. We’ve expanded the curriculum to further support what we’ve always emphasized – more time with an instructor, more time on the water to practice individual skills, and encouraging sailing as often as possible immediately after the class. 

Our new training programs change how you will learn to sail. Ultimately, we are going back to how people always learned to sail, by sailing often. People learn new things one way, by practicing!

Benefit from more time with an instructor and more training time on the water than any other school.

The Bluewater Sailing ASA 101 course is taught by patient instructors to the highest standard set by the American Sailing Association. Certification isn’t the only goal. Taking the time to become a good sailor at the start of the process multiplies the return on the investment. You’ll be better informed, more engaged, and on a path that will grow your sailing career by leaps and bounds. Our student’s experience makes it clear that time on the water is the key to a successful outcome.

Our Basic Keelboat program has a longstanding tradition of excellence. People learn to sail by sailing often. To that end, we emphasize more time with an instructor, more time to practice individual skills, and encourage sailing as often as possible. The curriculum gives you a unique opportunity to become an able, knowledgeable sailor who is comfortable sailing right from the beginning. The key to being a good skipper and enjoying time on the water comes from building a solid base. We are not just training you to drive a boat. We are providing a formal education where you have time to practice, incorporate our instruction, demonstrate ability, and ultimately love sailing.

Prerequisites: None

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA


ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat Sailing Details

Covid-19 Guidelines

As of June 2021, the CDC has issued new guidelines for wearing face masks on public transportation, which includes the guidelines for passengers aboard vessels.

  • The CDC has announced that it does not require passengers to wear a mask in outdoor areas of transportation, which includes outdoor areas of vessels.
  • However, the CDC continues to recommend wearing of masks in these areas by people who are not fully vaccinated.

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