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Course Catalog and Class Structure

Group or Private – Choose the Class Structure That’s Right for You

Bluewater Sailing is proud to be an ASA affiliate and to be one of the few schools in Southern California that is accredited to teach the full curriculum of ASA courses. 

We provide a number of class structures which allow you to choose the approach that is best for you.  Whether group or private, or if you want to learn aboard your own boat, Bluewater Sailing has you covered.  

See the choices below for more details.  Or give us a call anytime.

Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.

Group / Private Class Details

Benefits of Our Group Classes

More Instructional Time – compared with other schools, our classes provide you with more hands-on experience on the water because our classes are more comprehensive and spend more time out on the water than anyone else.

Smaller Classes – small student to teacher ratio.

Sailing Time – our community sailing sessions are open to recent graduates. This is your first opportunity to sail without an instructor.

Extending the ASA Curriculum – we provide innovative sailing opportunities to give you plenty of fun and engaging ways to add to your skills.

Our Fleet – the Bluewater fleet of boats is reserved for our students only so you will always have great options to get out on the water.

Instructional Quality – we want to be your mentors. Our advice is free for the taking. Just call the office to speak with us.

Find out why you want to take your time. Learning to sail is a gift your giving yourself. We want you to have fun. We want you to feel safe. We want you to love sailing.

Contact us for more details.

There are many reasons students choose private course over group courses. Private courses allow you the flexibility to choose your own schedule, learn at your own pace and literally be in the driver’s seat 100% of the time.

We offer private instruction at every level, either on our boats or yours, if you own a boat. We often teach private courses midweek, but we can accommodate weekends sessions with advance notice.

Private Class Format

  • Beginner’s Course  (ASA 101)
    • Our private ASA 101 course is designed so that everything you learn from day one will be true for every boat you ever sail. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals. We are your mentors and want you to enjoy sailing safely. Each course normally consists of four to five lessons, approximately 4 hours each. You set the schedule!
  • More Advanced Courses (ASA 103 and beyond)
    • We utilize our fleet of boats from 27′ – 41′ or teach you on your own boat. These lessons are organized to reinforce your skills and comfortably take you to the next level. We will be able to witness your individual sailing skills and practice what you want to learn. Sometimes the sea can be intimidating, making good decisions and feeling safe in a variety of conditions is our goal and key to your future sailing fun.
  • Bring Your Own Boat
    • If you own your own boat, but you need some help mastering your vessel, we have you covered. See below for deatails and pricing.

Private Class Pricing

CourseIndividual Price
* Textbooks and ASA certification and processing are optional 
ASA 101 – Basic Keelboat$ASK
ASA 103 – Basic Coastal Cruising$ASK
ASA 104 – Bareboat Cruising$ASK
ASA 105 – Coastal Navigation$ASK
ASA 106 – Advanced Coastal Cruising$ASK
Celestial Navigation Intro$ASK
Marine Weather Intro$ASK
ASA 118 – Docking Endorsement$ASK

Bring Your Own Boat

For those of you who have made the leap to boat ownership, congratulations! We understand that there may be a lot to learn about operating your vessel. If you’re new to sailing, or you’ve been doing it for a while, having a professional mariner teach you on your own boat will enhance your enjoyment of your investment. Of course, we do have to make sure that the vessel is safe and adheres to the US Coast Guard’s rules. So, the best thing to do is to call us to discuss goals, pricing and to make an inspection of the vessel. We currently serve Marina Del Rey and Redondo Beach for this service.

Bring Your Own BoatPrice
* Instructor Fees only. Textbooks and ASA certification and processing are optional. 
Individual & Weekday Rate$138/hr

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