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Covid-19 Sailing and Social Distancing Protocols

Sunset, Santa Monica Bay

Last updated: 5/24/20

To ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers the office space is reserved for our staff. We have configured our location for curbside and take out service.

Marina Del Rey

The marina is not closed for recreational sailing.
Classes are currently limited to private lessons for individuals and household groups.

Is it safe to charter boats?

In accordance with the public health order, we have Retail Social Distancing Protocols in place. The specifics of the order are available at our office. Below is a summary:

Adhere to communicable disease control recommendations provided by LA County Dept. of Health.
Prevent people from being in unnecessarily close contact.
Activities are limited to household groups.
Instruct customers to not attend if they are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness.

Social Distancing Protocols are to be maintained.
Wash hands prior to boarding boats.
Wear face coverings.
Wear gloves.
Maintain social distance on the dock and on the boat.

Are you experiencing symptoms or do you need to self-isolate?

If you have a scheduled a session and have since developed symptoms, been notified to self-isolate, or are concerned about recent contact with an infected person, please postpone by contacting the office immediately. You may postpone activities out of caution without penalty.

How are the boats being sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Our fleet is reserved for our student’s use and not available to the general public.
Boats are cleaned prior to and after each use.
Boats are not used on consecutive days.

What other Safe Boating Protocols are in place?

Require students and crew checks for COVID-19 symptoms on arrival.
All students and crew are required to wash hands prior to boarding boats.
Start time intervals are set to avoid groups from coming in contact with other groups.
Customers are requested to avoid gathering in and around the office or docks.

Until we receive further instructions from L.A. County:

Groups are limited to 2 persons on 22′ boats.
Groups are limited to 3 persons on 27-30′ boats.
Student groups are limited to 4 persons on 31-36′ boats

Can Bluewater send me the paperwork to fill out, scan, and send back via email?

Yes, most of the process is contactless, but you’ll still need to complete a charter agreement and a float plan. We still will need to witness all registration and release forms.

How do we get the key to the boat?

Park in the BWS CURBSIDE designated parking spot.
Once we’ve got the transaction complete, you’ll get the bathroom, gate and boat keys.
Please park in the student parking lot.
Wash your hands prior to boarding the boat.
Use Social Distancing Protocols
Avoid gathering in and around the office or docks.