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Sailing Vacations

Avalon, Catalina Island

Sailing Adventures Close to Home or Across the Seas.

Catalina Island

Southern California

Year round voyages

Great dining and shopping

World famous Avalon

Scuba diving amid kelp forests

Island hikes, beaches, and more

British Virgin Islands

Caribbean Sea

Top charter destination

Amazing snorkeling and diving

Awesome beach bars and dining

Fun family activities ashore

Line of sight navigation


Andaman Sea – Phuket

Stunning wildlife and vistas

The world’s top dive sites

Elephant sanctuaries

Pristine clear warm waters

Sumptuous Thai cuisine

Bluewater Featured Course:

Bareboat Cruising (104)

Get Started with Vacation Chartering! 
The ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising course is a three-day class to Catalina Island. This trip will prepare you for overnight bareboat chartering. You’ll sail to the island, learning about voyage planning, large boat systems, cooking aboard – all the key skills you'll need to plan a weekend or longer voyage with family and friends!

Exotic Destinations

Your dreams of traveling to the most beautiful places in the world, vacationing on amazing sailboats, and having an experience that is oceans beyond most can be a reality. Head out on an incredible adventure sailing vacation that will definitely transport you, and might even transform you!

Charter Support

If sailing with your friends and family to exotic islands excites your imagination but sounds overly ambitious, Bluewater has the answer for you. Your charter can also include an experienced skipper and even a cook so you can relax and participate in sailing, navigating, and cooking as much or as little as you like.

Awesome Activities

While sailing a beautiful boat in a stunning location is amazing in and of itself, there will be a variety of other activities for you to enjoy as part of your adventure. A few of the possibilities are: Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting, mountain biking, surfing, visiting local landmarks, exploring sea caves, hunting for shells, dining, shopping, dancing at beach bars, sampling refreshing cocktails, making new friends, catching some rays, taking a nap, losing touch with email, forgetting how to tie a tie, and forgetting what time it is.