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About Bluewater

From dreams to reality. For over 40 years Bluewater Sailing has been successfully teaching beginners to worldwide coastal cruisers the art and science of sailing. Welcome Aboard!

Get Fantastic Results

Bluewater Sailing is proud to be an ASA affiliate and to be one of the few schools in Southern California that is accredited to teach the full curriculum of ASA courses. 

After teaching thousands of students, we know not to rush the learning process. It takes time to learn to sail. It takes time to feel safe and relax with your new skills.  But over time, once you know how, the results are fantastic. 

Sailing Lessons in Marina del Rey - Active Sailing Community

More Time on the Water

For over 40 years sailors worldwide have chosen Bluewater because we’re not simply about teaching you to drive the boat, but much more about teaching you to “play an instrument.” We’re looking for you to build a relationship with the boat and the wind – we call it being “balanced.”

That’s why our classes offer you more sailing time. Time on the water makes the training real and ultimately makes you a safe and more confident sailor.

After you complete our classes, you’ll immediately want to sail with other people to further build your skills and confidence. Our fleet of boats reserved for students only makes that easy!  

Join the thousands of Bluewater graduates out on the water today! 

Or call +1 (310) 823-5545 for more information.