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We are looking forward to sailing with you! We are often asked for some guidelines regarding sailing/boating etiquette. The following is a list of items that we have found to be particularly successful over the past 30 years or so of sailing. We'll have lots of fun on the water!


Plan to arrive at Bluewater Sailing approximately 15 minutes early in order to complete any final paperwork. Please feel free to bring (if you wish):

  • An enthusiastic attitude, and look forward to having a good time.
  • Protection against the sun: hats, sunglasses, sun block, water.
  • Layered clothing (temperatures may be high, medium or low, all in the same day).
    • If wearing shorts, also bring long pants.
    • If wearing a T-shirt, also bring a long shirt, windbreaker, sweatshirt or sweater.
  • Non-marking white or rubber-soled shoes with soft tread to provide solid footing.
  • Sailing gloves are helpful but not required.
  • Foul weather (rain) gear during the short, rainy season.
  • (For Classes:)
    • Food and drink (this may allow you to spend more time with the instructor at Bluewater Sailing's facility; you may bring soft drinks; we can supply for a fee with at least 48 hours notice).
  • (For Bareboat or Skippered Charters:)
    • Food and drink (or we can supply for a fee with at least 48 hours notice).
    • Music CDs for either Catalina 36, Catalina 42 or Endeavour 43.


Please avoid:

  • Wearing black-soled shoes or boots (which leave scuff marks), flip-flops (which cause unsure footing), open-toed shoes, hiking boots or high heels.
  • Smoking cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco at any time on board the vessel.
  • Fishing, swimming or scuba-diving from the boat.
  • (For Classes:)
    • Bringing alcohol (which will interfere with the educational experience).
    • Bringing liquids in any glass containers.
  • (For Classes, Bareboat or Skippered Charters:)
    • Bringing red wine (which can stain the boat); beverages (in plastic containers) such as white wine, beer, water, and soft drinks are ok.
    • Bringing hard-sided coolers, suitcases, etc. on board (which can damage the hull). We can transfer cooler items to our refrigerator while at the dock.

Most people are not susceptible to mal de mer or seasickness; this is a very rare issue in classes but is slightly more common with skippered charters. If you are concerned about this, the following are the most common remedies/precautions:

  • Letting your Captain know early and considering his/her suggestions (he or she may have additional remedies while at sea)
  • Staying active, such as driving/steering the boat, taking and having fun, or just staying on deck in the fresh air (instead of going below deck)
  • Taking medication: Dramamine (non-drowsy), Bonine, Marezine, Trans-Scopolomine (prescription only)
  • Wearing accupressure wrist bands
  • Eating ginger products: ale, snaps, candied root, candy
  • Getting a good night's sleep and abstaining from alcohol consumption
  • Placing ice on the back your neck

Also, you may view our Prevention of Sea Sickness helpful information (in .pdf format).

Please come visit us when you get the chance to have some fun!


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