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    Basic Keelboat (BK)
    Basic Cruising (BCC)
    Bareboat Chartering (BBC)
    Coastal Navigation (CN)
    Advanced Coastal Cruising (ACC)
    Celestial Navigation (CELESTNAV)
    Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC)
    Charters & Boats
    Bareboat Charters, Cruises & Rentals
    Skippered Charters & Cruises
    Notes for Courses, Bareboat, Rentals, Skippered Charters & Cruises
    Yacht Charter Management Program
    Fleet Details
    International Yachtmaster Training
    Fun Programs - Special Cruises, Holidays, Races, Other Events
    Vacation Sailing - Exotic Locations and Worldwide Adventure & Vacation Sailing
    Corporate Activities - Corporate Partnership & Discount Program
    Team Building
    Assumed Corporate Participation and Support
    Customer, Client and Vendor Development
    Bluewater Sailing Background
    Photo Gallery (New Zealand Bay of Islands - February 2002)
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