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We recently cruised through one of the loveliest areas of the world! There were more than 150 islands for us to explore during the middle of the New Zealand Southern Hemisphere summer, which has best been described as truly a unique sailing location with some of the friendliest people in the world. Enjoy our New Zealand photo gallery below; click on any image to view it up close. (Please note that this page will take a while to load due to the number of graphics that will be displayed.
[44 images, ~4Kb thumbnails, ~70Kb full-size]).

Incredible vistas...

Hirondelle OrangeWater Pink Sheep SkyOnFire WhalingStation

Absolutely amazing sunsets...

BlazingSky DinnerTime DinnerView FireInTheSky GoldenCloud
BetterSun NiceEvening WhatAView SunDown Sunset

Fascinating cultural excursions...

Civilization Hiking SecludedCove Urupukapuka
Culture MaoriCanoe CarvedDock Squirrel

Island exploring...

AnchorCove MoreIslands ScatteredIslands QuietAnch
AtAnchor SquirrelBreakfast BayofIslands BeachActivity

Fantastic learning opportunities...

CockpitChat RacingBy ReefedDown AtSea
HoleInRock IslandHole Islands Underway
RollingHills Sailing SecludedWaters Shoreline


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