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ASA Standards
  Basic Keelboat (BK) Standards (56Kb)
  Basic Coastal Cruising (BCC) Standards (63Kb)
  Bareboat Chartering (BBC) Standards (161Kb)
  Coastal Navigation (CN) Standards (144Kb)
  Celestial Navigation (CELESTNAV) Standards (133Kb)
  Advanced Coastal Cruising (ACC) Standards (241Kb)
  Offshore Passage-Making (OPM) Standards (164Kb)
  Crew Overboard & Hypothermia Seminar (226Kb)
  Diesel Engine Seminar (144Kb)
  Weather Seminar (180Kb)
IYT Standards
  IYT Advanced Coastal Cruising Standards (241Kb)
  IYT Offshore Passage-Making Standards (164Kb)

BWS Professional Services
  Ashes-at-Sea (293Kb)
  Renaming Ceremony (303Kb)
  Whale, Dolphin and Seal Watching (228Kb)
Nautical Quotes
  Antarctica Quotes (131Kb)
  Churchill Quotes (100Kb)
  Lincoln Quotes (77Kb)
  Navigation Quotes (118Kb)
  Nautical Quotations (164Kb)
  Winds of Change (82Kb)
Professional Advice, References and other Resources
  Anchoring (152Kb)
  BWS Fun: Humor & Jokes  
  Catalina Mooring System (230Kb)
  Five Forces & Large Vessel Maneuvering (56Kb)
  Nautical Expressions  
  Prevention of Sea Sickness (94Kb)
  Reefing (55Kb)
  Sailing Reading List
  Sailing Suggestions  
  Shackleton Book List (137Kb)
  Ship Classifications (82Kb)
Bluewater Sailing Customer Service & Support
  Bareboat Float Plan (32Kb)
  Sailing Resume (28Kb)
  Marina del Rey Slip Locations (80Kb)
  International Country List (99Kb)
  Deposit Policy (41Kb)
  Cancellation, Reschedule, Refund and Return Policy (54Kb)
  Bad Weather Policy (45Kb)
  BWS Website Policy (82Kb)


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